Pearl's Hand & Paw Casting Kit

$49.95 USD $70 USD

Note: Only for short-haired dogs. Use lots of olive oil on the paw to prevent sticking.

Hold your furry best friend's paw in your hand forever. Make a truly unique keepsake that you will treasure for a lifetime. Marvel at the fine details showing their adorable paws, nails, and fine hairs. 

  • 3 Easy Steps From Home
  • Safe, Seaweed-based Molds
  • Incredibly Detailed Results in 40 minutes
  • Remember Them Forever
  • Fun Lazy Day Project
  • Unique Gift For Dog Owners

If your casting does not turn out the way it should, we will send you free replacements to get it right!


Give the gift of a memory you make together. Spend quality time with your partner creating a unique keepsake that you can cherish forever. We 100% guarantee good results.

A box of chocolates is temporary, our one-of-a-kind keepsake will remind you of the time you spent together forever. Every curve of your hands, every detail of your rings, every aspect of your partner’s hand will live on forever.


You will find that the process of making your statue is as satisfying as the results. The laughs you will share add to this priceless memory. Less than 30 minutes of following 3 easy steps from home to create intricate details that will amaze everyone.


Always remember how small they were by making a unique keepsake of this moment in their lives. Easy and fun to do with your little one. We 100% guarantee good results.

No photo will truly capture how young they were. This one-of-a-kind keepsake will show every tiny finger or toe and let you freeze the moment where their hand barely filled your palm

Baby kit:

  • 1 baby hand (up to 12 months old)
  • 1 baby foot (up to 12 months old)

Adult kit:

  • 2 adult hands
  • 1 adult hand with 1 child's hand
  • 3 children's hands (up to 12 years old)
  • 1 adult hand with 1 dog paw.

Family kit:

  • 4 adult hands
  • 2 adult hands with 3 children's hands
  • 6 children's hands (up to 12 years old)