Baby Bundle 4 Pack

Baby Bundle 4 Pack

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How it works?

1. Create your mold
Mix the step 1 powder with water, and insert baby's foot for 3 to 5 minutes
2. Fill your mold
Mix the step 2 powder, and pour into the mold. Let harden for min. 30 minutes.
3. Make your friends jealous
Tear away the mold to reveal your beautiful result. Find a great way to display it.

Why you need a keepsake?

💖 Set Happy Memories In Stone
🥰 Spend Quality Time Together
🎁 Best Gift for Every Occasion
📷 Incomparable to Photos
🏠 Unique Decoration Piece

What's in the box?

  1. Magic Molding Powder
  2. Quick Drying Cement Powder
  3. Disposable Mixing Bucket
  4. Easy Instruction Manual With Photos
  5. Perfection toolkit: sandpaper & sculpting tool
  6. Paint Kit

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