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“We love our piece we made. It was simple to use and exciting to see the finished product! ”

Angela G.
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  • 3 Easy Steps From Home
  • Freeze Fleeting Moments in Time
  • Capture Every Little Detail
  • Enjoy Meaningful Quality Time
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"This one of the most original gifts I have gotten. It was super fun to make together, but it's the end result that really made me go WOW!"

Charlotte D.
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“Product is great, exactly as described - the process was pretty fool proof and much quicker than I had anticipated”

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“It was simple to use! Thank you for helping us create a lasting memory!”

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“I love it. It was very fun and easy to do. The details in the hands are incredible”

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What Is More Special In Life Than Happy Memories?

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❤️ Create Happy Memories
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Don’t you wish you could freeze a moment in time?

Your loving partner, their smile, the feel of their hand in yours. There is no picture that can truly capture your love.

Memories fade, but our treasured keepsake can serve as a physical reminder of the moment you had together. Every wrinkle, every curve of their hand, and everything else you love so much about your partner will show up.


How does it work?

Our casting kit is very beginner friendly and comes with detailed instructions. In 30 minutes of work-time you'll be amazed with your results.

Create Your Mold
Mix the step 1 powder with water, and insert your hands into the mixture. Wait around 5 minutes for it to harden before pulling your hands out.
Fill the mold
Mix the powder from step 2 with water, and pour it into the mold created in step 1. Let harden for 30 minutes.
Perfect Your Result
Tear away the mold to reveal your beautiful result. Smooth out any bumps or airbubbles. Find a great way to display it!

Create a Piece of Art Unique to You

Frequently Asked Questions

What Size Do I Need?
- 1 Hand or Foot (up to 12 months old)

- 2 adult hands
- 1 adult hand with 1 child's hand
- 3 children's hands (up to 12 years old)
- 1 adult hand with 1 dog paw.

- 4 adult hands
- 2 adult hands with 3 children's hands
- 6 children's hands (up to 12 years old)
What Is This Made Of?
The mold is a non-toxic, seaweed-based substance. The casting is made from a type of plaster.
What If My Child or Dog Wiggles Around?
The molding mixture is a thick liquid that remains that way until the last 10 seconds when it suddenly fully hardens very quickly. So any wiggling up until that point should not be an issue. After being hardened, the mold has become rubbery and flexible which means it won't be damaged when exiting the mold. (For dogs we suggest using olive oil on their the part of the paw that will be submerged, so the molding does not clump up in their fur.)
What If I Make A Mistake?
Because of our high quality, special formula the molding jelly is very forgiving of wiggling around. The mold only fully hardens in the last ten seconds of the hardening process, which gives you time to get it right. If you follow our simple but detailed instructions, everything should be fine. We even provide some advice and/or tools on how you could fix any small imperfections that may have happened.
How Long Do I Stay In The Mold?
You have to keep your hands in the molding mixture for about 3 to 9 minutes. Slightly warmer water can be used for babies and dogs to shorten the working time.
Can I Wear Rings?
You sure can! Rings can give beautiful details to a casting. Keep in mind flat and tight fitting jewelry works best. The material should not affect precious metals. Make sure it fits tight to your skin so it does not slip off. Any small bits of hardened mold stuck on your jewelry can easily be cleaned off with a toothpick and a damp cloth.